The Team

The fight for shelf space doesn’t just win with passion. It wins with smarts. It wins with practice. This is our territory. We are a nationwide, multi-category, ultra-connected retail brain trust. Meet your champions of Challengers.


Brawley Ranch

Brawley Ranch is a complete line of ultra-premium beef jerky. Using only the finest hand-selected cuts of beef, Brawley Ranch has one half to as much as one quarter of the sodium of other leading beef jerky brands. Brawley is offered in six gourmet flavors including Orange Teriyaki and Volcanic Jalapeño. Brawley Beef was developed by Aisle 9 upon the request of Associated Wholesale Grocers. Brawley is now selling into the 3,400 AWG member stores across 30 states and is now expanding distribution to other major retailers and C-Stores.

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Why Brokers Are Not the Best Fit for You

The numbers are clear and unambiguous. Only one out of ten CPG products succeed in the market and only 3% ever achieve sales of $20 million or more. The good news is that consumers are demanding new and innovative products. Retailers are taking notice…

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